Murder indictment dismissed

Posted by on April 14, 2016 in Firm News

“A state Supreme Court justice has dismissed the murder charges against two men accused of a May 2015 homicide, deciding that the evidence presented to the grand jury was not strong enough to justify the indictments.

Acknowledging that a ‘dismissal of an indictment is an exceptional remedy,’ state Supreme Court Justice Judith Sinclair decided in an April 7 ruling that the charges against Rochester residents Demetrius Bordeaux and Sean Osuna should be dismissed.

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 ‘We appreciate the court’s thorough review of the grand jury presentment and dismissal of the charges,’ said Bordeaux’s attorney, Lawrence Kasperek. ‘This judicial review acts as a check against overzealous prosecutions. The dismissal reaffirms Mr. Bordeaux’s innocence.’ ”


Read the entire Democrat and Chronicle article here.

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