With over 120 years of collective experience in criminal defense, ETKS is dedicated to providing the highest level of legal representation to clients who have been accused of crimes or who have been wrongfully convicted.

We represent clients accused of crimes in both federal and state court, including those charged with death penalty offenses in federal court. With over 120 years of collective experience, we focus our practice on serious and complex cases, including homicide and sex offenses, drug offenses, weapon offenses, and white collar crime. However, we regularly represent clients across the spectrum of all criminal matters, including those accused of misdemeanor and lesser offenses. We represent clients both at trial and on appeal, and we have substantial experience representing clients in state and federal postconviction proceedings, including Criminal Procedure Law Article 440 motions, motions for writs of error coram nobis, and petitions for writs of habeas corpus.

We also represent clients who have been wrongfully imprisoned or convicted of crimes and whose civil rights were violated while incarcerated, both independently and in cooperation with Neufeld Scheck & Brustin, LLP, as well as clients whose liberty is at stake in involuntary commitment, Article 10, and Sex Offender Registration Act (SORA) proceedings. In addition, Rhian Jones, of counsel to the firm, supplements her growing criminal practice with family law and divorce litigation.

Firm News

Partner Donald Thompson obtains partial acquittal and mistrial in 2 1/2 month federal Hobbs Act conspiracy, robbery, kidnaping and murder trial in Buffalo

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Weapons conviction reversed due to unlawful stop of the vehicle Mr. Lopez...
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