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Another appellate victory for Brian Shiffrin in People v Lopez

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Weapons conviction reversed due to unlawful stop of the vehicle Mr. Lopez was driving where there were discrepancies between the description of the suspect and the man the police had seen entering the vehicle. Read the full decision here....

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Appellate victory at the Court of Appeals for Brian Shiffrin

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The state Court of Appeals reversed the conviction of Richard Leonard, who was found guilty of first-degree sexual abuse and illegally giving a child alcohol. The alleged victim in the 2007 incident in Parma was an 18-year-old girl. Leonard, 41, has maintained his innocence in the case. He served three years in prison, and has continued to pursue a reversal of his conviction. The Court of Appeals decision does not hinge on questions of...

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Brian Shiffrin secures new trial for client

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An appeals court ordered a new trial for a man convicted of sexually abusing a child, saying a prospective juror related by marriage to the district attorney whose office prosecuted the case should have been excused for cause. The Appellate Division, Fourth Department, panel ruled unanimously in People v. Collins, 14-02296, that the trial judge, Craig Doran, erroneously denied the request from defendant Todd Collins to excuse the juror during Collins’ 2014 trial in...

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Brian Shiffrin comments on 4th Dept case concluding that new science about “shaken-baby injuries” constitutes newly discovered evidence

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The Fourth Department’s recent decision in People v Bailey is the first appeals case in New York to conclude that new scientific findings about shaken-baby injuries constitute the type of newly discovered evidence that could overturn a conviction. Brian Shiffrin of ETKS is quoted saying, in part, “It makes it both easier for defense attorneys to argue the science and it puts the burden back on prosecutors to show there is evidence to support...

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